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12 October, 2014

Fly with Dart and Angular, don't lose the wind

Since the first 'Dart Flight School' Dart platform was improved substantially. Have been added new features, components, packages, and it will greatly assist in the development of new web-applications!

After the first release, Dart grew up to version 1.6. We continue our series of events called 'Dart Flight School' where attendees can learn the Dart, explore new features or just share their thoughts about the platform.

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Event Location

Behterevskiy pr., 14E, Kyiv, Ukraine, DataArt, 5th flour



12:30Introduction into Dart for newcomers

13:30Dart from 1.0 to 1.6


15:00CodeLab (tools download, creating Dart project)

17:30Small quiz and Demos of Dart projects



Valentyn Shybanov

More than 10 years of programming experience in a wide range of platforms, both backend and frontend. Started from the development of low-level components (C / C ++ / Asm), now working as a regional director of Twinfield and being a big enthusiast of the use of the most advanced technologies for the Web.



'Dart Flight Schools' is a series of events dedicated to to learn Dart and Angular. They will be carried out by local Google Developer Groups or other communities of developers around the world. Events will be different from each other, but usually Dart Flight School included tech-talk code laboratory or Hackathon.

Should I bring a laptop?

Yes, to participate hackathon and codelab you need to bring your laptop. Furthermore, it would be nice to install the last version of Dart Editor.

What level of Dart knowledge is required?

We have plans to cover Dart from basics, so you do not need to know Dart, but you need to know any other programming language, like Java, C# or JavaScript.